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Learning Medical Spanish can be easy and fun!

As a busy healthcare professional, learning Medical Spanish can be difficult.  At LearnHealthSpanish.com we try to make the learning process as easy as possible……and as quickly as possible.

In the healthcare setting, we need to be able to introduce ourselves, find out what the patient needs, take a thorough history, perform an exam, and give clear and concise instructions on what our patient needs to do.

At LearnHealthSpanish.com, in under 100 minutes, you will gain the necessary vocabulary to begin speaking with your Spanish speaking patient.

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In this three video course, you will learn the following:

Greetings and Introductions

Basic terms to help you perform a thorough history including:

Chief Complaint
History of Present Illness
Past Medical History
Family History
Surgical History
Sexual History
Social History
Review of Symptoms

Basic Industry terms

Parts of the body


Days of the week


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